Integrated Care Monitoring System

The CCMS platform integrates two specialized applications, CCMS-Activities and CCMS-Behavior, designed to monitor daily activities and challenging behaviors of individuals across various settings, including long-term care facilities, cognitive care and schools. By analyzing daily data, it delivers tailored progress reports with graphs and charts, either weekly or monthly, to meet diverse needs. Explore each functionality below. For a closer look, request a demo today.

Behavior Managing & Analyses System

Our CCMS-Behavior tracking system enhances the well-being of individuals in long-term care, cognitive centers, or rehabilitation facilities by assessing challenging behaviors and crafting intervention strategies to support mental health progress. Automated progress reports can be easily archived for comprehensive tracking and review.

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Activities Tracking System

The CCMS-Activities tool is designed to create meaningful daily activities that boost mental, emotional, and physical strength for individuals with dementia or cognitive impairments. Beyond organizing calendars and schedules, it also encourages interaction with others, serving as a bridge to fulfillment for the loved one. An automated activity evaluation report can be generated as needed, ensuring personalized support and progress tracking.

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Activity and Behavior Analysis Report

Our system tracks, analyzes, and reports on the behavior and activity progression of individuals with cognitive challenges, a task that is difficult for humans to perform manually. Specifically, it collects data to evaluate performance, level of engagement, and participation in activities, as well as the disruptiveness and frequency of challenging behaviors. It also assesses the effectiveness of mitigation techniques and the support level provided. This analysis is presented through graphs and charts, making it accessible for caregivers in extended care facilities, schools or anyone who needs it. These detailed reports are vital for physicians, therapists, social workers, and families in tailoring and optimizing care plans for their loved ones.

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What does CCMS stand for?

It stands for Computerized Care Monitoring System.


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