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A: CCMS is the name of our company, standing for Computerized Care Monitoring System. Some of our products carry the CCMS prefix to indicate their connection to our brand. For example, we have CCMS-eMAR, CCMS-ACTIVITIES, and CCMS-BEHAVIOR

A: You can subscribe to CCMS-eMAR separately; however, CCMS-Activities is always bundled with CCMS-Behavior.

A: Yes, both systems are completely paperless. However, we always recommend generating a monthly report to keep for your records. You can easily print this report or save it as a PDF on your computer with just a click of a button in the application.

A: Yes, we are committed to maintaining HIPAA compliance in accordance with the regulations. Security is our top priority, and our data is encrypted using cloud technology. CCMS has entered into a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with our data centers to ensure the protection of patient information. Furthermore, our team, including CCMS staff, receives training from leading experts in HIPAA compliance, who provide ongoing support to us. Achieving and maintaining HIPAA compliance is an ongoing effort, particularly today, as the risk of cyber-attacks is higher than ever. We are dedicated to continually training all our staff to ensure we adhere to the highest security standards.

A: Details of data retention post-disengagement are specified in the terms and conditions, which are subject to change. If you discontinue service with CCMS, your data will be retained for no longer than three months. During this period, you will still have access to your dashboard if you would like to renew your subscription to access your data. It is your responsibility to save all necessary data before terminating your service. After the three-month period, CCMS will permanently erase your data and will no longer bear any responsibility for it.

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